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Android or BlackBerry? iPhone or Android?

Yes, we’ll talk about it. These are our collective opinions, and you don’t necessarily have to agree with any of it. The sole purpose of this document is to share our point of view on “what device to use” in your environment.


These three most popular types of devices when it comes to mobile telephony today have been developed with different priorities in mind. Hence the situation we’re in today – we’re often not comparing apples to apples when choosing mobile devices.
Neither of these devices is perfect when it comes to an “average user”. But who are average users anyway? Users who are approaching a mobile phone stand looking for the phone that looks “manlier” or “more girly” are probably not on this site right now, not reading this post. This honest opinion is for those of us who more or less know what they need, and they need to make a decision based on that.
So, why are we writing this article, what makes us know more than others? Well… we have extensively tested all of these devices, and are basing our findings on that, not hearsay. If that’s enough for you, then please continue reading.


There are multiple ways to approach this. We can write about one device and list its pros and cons, or we can talk about uses and then rate the devices. I’m simply choosing the earlier, and will try to be brief when documenting my findings. I’ll start in alphabetical order, so no one’s feelings are hurt.  

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