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 Probably the most versatile of them all. It comes in so many shapes, forms and flavors that it is hard to imagine a mobile phone manufacturer or purpose that does not overlap with one of these devices. It is probably the most popular mobile device operating system of all times. But that’s not telling a lot, not telling anything new. The approach I’d like to take is business use, and I don’t rate these devices highly from the administration perspective, in a medium or large business. This is not necessarily anyone’s fault, it is simply hard to have an operating system compatible with so many devices (or vice versa) and to keep everything in perfect order, easy to navigate etc.


Inexpensive, available from most carriers and on most devices, relatively straight forward learning curve for an average user. Thousands of free apps out there, ability to install apps from multiple sources. Supports flash, looks good.


A lot of free software comes with “free gift”, and you can easily get in trouble by installing a software friend recommended and crash your device. Multiple devices and small OS flavor differences make it virtually impossible to (easily) support in corporate environments. OS is refreshed often, and even more often published without thorough testing, so us, the end users—become the beta testers. And last, but not least—highly depends on a single e-mail service provider. Not my favorite choice for corporate users or administrators. Less than perfect e-mail integration with corporate e-mail servers.  

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