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Problem where your Windows 7 and Windows Vista systems are having issues with Internet access may be caused by many issues. This time, we'll discuss one of the issues caused by Bonjour services installed on Windows systems (you may or may not be aware of this problem).

The simplest way to see if you are having this problem is to open the command line by clicking on START, typing CMD and opening "the black window".

Once there, type ipconfig -all and press ENTER.

If your default gateway shows IP address of, the next thing you need to check is your C drive.

Open Windows Explorer (right click on start button) choose "open Windows Exlplorer". Open "C" drive and navigate to "Program Files". If you see a folder called "Bonjour" there... this may have been installed by iTunes or Apple router management software (otherwise AWESOME device).

The simple fix is located here:

For those of you who want to know exactly what's going on...

Open up the Bonjour folder

Rename the mdnsNSP.dll to mdnsNSP.dll.old

Delete the mDNSResponder.exe file

Restart your PC

Delete the above mentioned Bonjour folder