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Set up an Exchange account for your iPad

1.    Mail, Microsoft Exchange



2.    Input your account information: e-mail, password, description. You may simply use “Exchange” (default setting) for description, but you can either add more letters, like “SRBN Exchange” or change the name of your e-mail account altogether.


3.    Choose the fields you want to replicate (mail, contacts, calendars, reminders are all checked by default)


4.    Passcode requirement. This is a security measure, and it is mandated by your Exchange server / network administrator. You can contact your administrator for more information regarding this message or simply click on “continue”. This step is for your protection and protection of your company data.
By default, a simple, 4-digit, all numeric password is acceptable, but you can add complexity to this and any other password on your device directly in the Settings menu, under “security”.


5.    Type your new passcode, re-enter to verify…



6.    We have had this account setup on a Small Business Server 2011 with strict enforcement of security policies, followed every step along the way, and we were all done in 5 minutes or less.

7.    Knowing your device / knowing your e-mail…

In the upper right corner of you re-mails, here are some of the options:
•    Flag/unflag-importance of message; mark as read / unread.


•    Move your message to another folder


•    Delete message
•    Reply
•    Save all images from an e-mail to your photo roll
•    Print to a supported printer via Airport printer sharing


•    Compose a new message.

If you want to add a new account:
1.    Settings
2.    Mail, Contacts, Calendars
3.    Add account
4.    Chose where you want add account and write your information.


If you want to delete or change some options in the existing account:
1.    Settings
2.    Mail, contacts, calendars
3.    Exchange


You can choose how much data you are keeping on your device, what mail folders to push…
If you want to insert or change your default signature for your e-mail account, set account defaults for your contacts, calendars, change the way your contacts are displayed or more:
4.    Settings
5.    Mail, Contacts, Calendars


Many advanced features are separated for every e-mail account via settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendars, like frequency of push, what folders to push etc. iPads we have been (we have tested 2nd and 3rd generation iPads with WiFi) using have shown an extraordinary battery life, so we had no issues when we allowed our Inbox to push 24/7.
If you are using a 3G/4G/LTE enabled iPad, please check the data allowance and details tied to your roaming capabilities (if applicable) with your provider.