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Set up an Exchange account on your Android Tablet

1. On your device, go to Settings

2. On the list of options, click on Accounts and Sync

3. In the upright corner locate a button called Add account – and click on it.

4. From the list choose Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (picture below)


5. In the next open box write your email address and password provided by your administrator. Your Android

tablet will now try to connect via Autosetup to your Exchange server, which may take a while. (picture below)


6. In most cases this autodiscovery feature will only collect some of the data from your server and the system

will ask you for more information. Picture below is the example of this - write your domain\user name,

your password and Exchange server’s address (FQDN). If your server supports SSL, check the box

"Use secure connection (SSL)". Click on Next.


7. In order for your device to function properly, click on OK in this window - this one will be addressing

the Privacy policy.


8. It'll notify you that it is Checking / validating your setting (picture below)


8. Important: You have to approve the Remote security administration. This is a security feature and this

step is not optional. Even though you can click on “cancel” at this point – your device will not be able to

synchronize your mailbox data completely if you do so.


9. The next window that opens is the Account options window.

You can decide if you want to download entire message, how often to sync etc… When on WiFi,

you are usually not concerned about the amount of traffic, so we prefer to choose “all” and “always”

in all these fields. If you are using a 3G/4G or LTE cards, you may want to carefully review all

of the fields below.



10. After you activate your device administrator your Exchange mail is set up. Here you can choose the behavior

and some protection options for your device and data. You may want to check with your network or system

administrator in order to fully understand the requirements and limitations of the network you are connecting to. 


11. Give the name to your account. Choose a name that will be easy to differentiate from other accounts you

may be using on your device. You can change your email settings if you go to

Settings> Account and sync> click on your Exchange account> settings.


12. You can change your signature, set push period, notification settings and many other options.


13. Once you’re all set up, your Exchange server will, as a security measure, ask you to make

a pin/lock code on your Android. This is for your protection and protection of company data and it is

a best practice anyway.

14. We have had this account setup on a Small Business Server 2011 with strict enforcement of security

policies, followed every step along the way, and we were all done in 5 minutes.