Is it for me?

Do you have to deal with the following questions/issues?

My organization is a non-profit, are there any savings when purchasing software's hardware from major resellers?

Can SRBN help me with all my purchasing needs so I don’t have to deal with it?

Do I need static IP address?

Do I need an e-mail server?

I need an IT support structure with business-oriented, knowledgeable staff?

What kind of connection best suites me; DSL, T1, Frame?

Is there a more affordable solution?

We have to offices in different geographical locations. How can we connect them?

Do I need to hire a full time IT technician?

Is there an IT-support entity that will charge me as little as the ones far away from US, but offer me the support and the ability to be there (on site) if needed?

How do I get US-based 24/7 support from knowledgeable and courteous technicians?

I need someone to manage my IT infrastructure, contracts, data and voice lines; I need a single solution to a wide array of IT problems

My business never sleeps; I need an IT solution that can guarantee uptime and reliability

My organization needs a BCP (business continuity plan). We need managed onsite and offsite backups

What are VOIP phones and how can they benefit my organization?


We would be happy to answer any of the above questions or any others you may have!!!


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