You will save from 30% to 75% in phone and email costs. With our customized solution, your cost for site-to-site calls will be a true 0$, regardless of the number of calls you place from your HQ to branch offices and vice versa.

With Voice over IP, you can be completely mobile. Take your phone home or to another office, or have your calls forwarded to your cell phone.

The features are numerous: voicemail, caller ID, conferencing, call forwarding, call queuing, follow-me and many others. Call or e-mail us for the full description of services and features available. Our “off you go” setup guarantees that features of your system are a matter of setup and are not billed monthly. To list just a few features of our setup:


Keep your number or get a new one from any state our country (limited availability)
One very low monthly fee for your phone number, $5.95, no hidden fees and taxes. You PAY $5.95 for the basic service, not $5.96, not $5.95 plus taxes.
Low 2 cents per minute cost for outgoing calling plans, plus many plans available. All plans you acquire from us include all taxes and fees, no surprises, no double billing. It is all done online using our partner. We’re in business of setting you up, not making any profit on your bills. Feel the difference between true and honest billing and… what you’re used to with your current carrier.
Get multiple lines for your family and keep your monthly phone bill at a minimum. Some setups will result in NO MONTHLY BILL. Yes, you can have secure, reliable and FREE home phone service. Let us help you set it up.
Our devices, as small as a pack of cigarettes – can be taken overseas and used to call your US number for a same fee of 2 cents per minute, OR, if you have our devices on both ends – you will be talking to your family for free! There are no asterisks, no smallprint, YES, we can help you do all this, without a need for computer to be left on, no laptop needed, no special software – you will use your plain old home phone for this.


If you’re ready to take your business phone service to a next level and save a whole lot of money, it is time to switch to Business VoIP service. This service is based on the same reliable provider as one used for Home VoIP, with the added features such as:

Multiple incoming and outgoing lines
Direct calling from one extension to another
Ability to setup your home office so it connects seamlessly to your office network’s phone infrastructure. You will be only an extension away from your co-workers, you can receive, generate, forward or transfer calls, setup conferences – all with a phone that is now in your home, connected at all times (when you need it to be).


By using our top of the line setup service and relying on #1 manufacturer in the market – Cisco, we can proudly offer our Unified Communications package. As described before, we’re not in the business of making money monthly, our promise is to set your business up with a solution that best fits your needs and support you only if you need support. We don’t charge monthly fees for services, and you have complete freedom to change providers if you wish. Your system offers full support for this approach. Our top of the line solution includes:

State of the art Cisco firewall solution. You will replace that old networking equipment you’ve been using for years with one of the most reliable devices on the market – Cisco UC firewall / phone system (PBX) / voicemail system
Some of the best VoIP phones available (choice of many Cisco phones – new, certified pre-owned (to keep the total cost low), you can mix and match devices)
Ability to have your voicemails delivered to your e-mail in a matter of seconds. This includes your BlackBerry, iPhone and Android phones, as well as various iPads, iPods, Notes etc…
If you wish to be reachable at that time – callers may be allowed to reach you on your cell phone without knowing your number.
Automated Attendant – once the calls come in to your system, we can fine-tune the algorithm for callers to go through – reach the proper group of representatives in your place of work, we can setup the work hours (that you can manually change if you are working long hours etc), fully customizable office assistant that works for you 24/7. Contact us for more details.
QOS – Quality of Service guarantees that your Internet usage won’t affect your call quality. Ever.
VPN – simply the most rugged, most reliable and simplest to use VPN solution today. Period.
Ability to install the VoIP client on your laptop. In case you’re traveling, but need that office phone to travel with you, but don’t have that additional suitcase to carry one in  VoIP client looks, feels and operates just like your office phone. It simply a piece of software instead of the real phone. All other features are basically the same. Call us or e-mail for more details.
Ability to have remote offices. Our hardware VPN device will allow you to connect your branch office with several phones connected to it – they will operate as part of your office phone system, they will be only an extension away… call or e-mail for more details.