Business phone solutions
Limitless options at low costs
Benefits for your business
Low costs
Lowering overall telephony costs 30%-75% compared to what you are paying today.
Quality of Service
Quality of Service developed by Cisco Systems enables us to prioritize your voice traffic over your browsing traffic.
Deferred payment options
This has been proven to be the most attractive way of acquiring the system itself. We will work with you, calculate your savings compared to your current phone provider and spread system cost evenly over 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
Multiple offices
Ability to operate multiple offices on a single system.
Complete mobility
Your phone will work from your office, your home, even on your laptop. Some packages allow for mobile phone system management.
Limitless options
To name a few: office voice mail is available in your e-mail and on your cell phone, system offers ability to monitor your employees’ free/busy virtually from anywhere. State of the art Auto Attendant will pre-screen incoming calls and present calls in logical groups (Billing, Scheduling, General Inquiries and many more).
Our approach
Free consultation

After you contact us, we will work on your schedule, visit your office and review your current system, your system’s abilities, add your needs and match this with what is available on the market. We will discuss options that relate to your current Internet provider, your office environment, contracts and all other pertinent factors.


We will present you with feasibility study. Once we have connected all the dots and have understood the end goal, we will recommend a solution that works for you, discuss all the details and you should have a complete picture of how this system will work.

Sample system

You can see the „mini version“ of your future system, together with real phones, call trees and everything that one phone system consists of – on demand and for free.

Call tree

Our specialists will work on creation of a call tree you have defined OR will recommend a call tree for your consideration and approval.

Installation and configuration

System installation, testing and adjustments are first made in our lab. Once we have verified all call paths and have satisfied all your needs, we are ready for installation on your site. Your new system can replace your current system right there and then, or we can give you enough time for smooth transition (time it will take to migrate your existing phone number(s), train your employees etc.

Start realizing savings

Once you have migrated your telephony to the next generation of phone systems, you will immediately start realizing savings due to lowes call rates and monthly fees in the industry today. Our friendly customer support personnel is available 24/7 to support your phone system.