Network security management
For secure and reliable business network
You can rely on us

In order to minimize or avoid the need for reaction, we will work with you to build a system that is redundant, backed up, and hardened to prevent any internal or external attempts of misuse. Your network is the nerve system and the backbone of your organization and it deserves proper attention – You can rely on us to assist you with all your PC/Server/Network needs.

File and resource access based on need-to-know or group membership

We will help you with creation of shared, network folders. Your employees can have access to these resources in accordance with your company’s needs. Your employees can have read only, change or full rights to these resources, and we can help you define this access policy folder by folder if needed.

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Popular approach is for members of certain group to have access to data located in specific folders (for instance: Users in Finance group can have full access to „Accounting“ folder, junior accountants can have read only, while other members of your organization will have no access to this data. This approach is called „role based access rules“ and using this approach will help you keep your data safer and away from those who can potentially misplace or misuse this data. One of advantages of this approach is attrition management – as soon as a member of certain group leaves the company, there are no loose ends. By removing this user from a group, all access is automatically terminated. Options are limitless and we can make it happen. All you need to tell us is what is your end goal and it will be taken care of.

Onsite and cloud backup solutions

In order for your intellectual property (in some cases your entire business) to be completely protected, we are always recommending if not insisting on proper backup strategy and enforcement. We will recommend a fine-tuned solution for your needs based on your business statement, need to protect data or policies you have chosen to adhere to.

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To name a few core reasons for having a solid backup:

– When problems occur (loss of data due to various reasons) – you can continue focusing on your business and will have access to your backed up information

– Remedying natural emergencies, something none of us have control of: Flood, fire, loss of power or loss of facilities

– State, Federal or local regulations your business has to comply with

– Human errors: Data deletion due to an error or malicious act

Secure remote access & Firewalls

If one or more of your employees have the option of working from home or you or more executives travel often, remote access is a pivotal option in this process. What we are proud of is the ability to make the following statement: „Access will be secure, yet simple enough for your users to take advantage of“. At any time, virtually from any place that has internet – you can have access to your data and be able to take care of business.

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In distributed office scenarions, you can seamlessly connect remote locations and mobile employees through SSL VPN, site-to-site, and client-to-site VPN connectivity at no additional cost.

Antivirus deployment, upkeep and management

Being that we live in fast paced, ever changing world where new viruses are introduced on an hourly basis, work without an antivirus solution is not possible. We will fine-tune this solution, integrate it with your network and help you manage it or manage it for you. Once the solution is implemented, we will manage it on daily basis and report on any unusual activity.

Internet access management

All devices on your network (servers, desktops, phones etc) require Internet access to function. However, quite often, one or more of these services will use „more bandwidth than necessary“ and get in the way of other services. When this occurs, your phone quality can go down, you opening sites takes forever… we can help fine-tune your access policies, prioritize traffic and all services (and your business) will operate in harmony.

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Sharing and streaming services such as DropBox, YouTube and Skype are great business tools, but sometimes and in some environments represent a risk or misuse of resources, affecting anything from work ethics, improper use of time but can also affect other services, possibly more important for your business model. We can help you create and manage these services successfully.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Every year, thousands of businesses in the US are struck by flood, fire, tornadoes, vandalism or worse disasters. Your tangible resources, intellectual property, employees, computers, comunication links, facilities and facilities-related services can be severely affected. Several of these are referred to „Act of God“ and cannot be stopped or foreseen, but what we can do with you is create and execute a plan that will minimize or eliminate adverse effect these will have on your business.

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We will help you build, enforce and maintain BCP (Business Continuity Plan) and DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) and with your assistance – test these plans as frequently as your business requires.